Individual Tech Use Interview

Conduct, record and edit a video interview of a classmate to understand their perspective on technology.

The final, edited interview must be between 3 and 5 minutes long (no less than 3, no more than 5). You are required to add a title that displays the class and interview subject’s name, as well as credits at the end that include your name.

You’ll be graded on the following three items:

  1. Interview quality (conversational questions; without constantly referring to notes) – 7 points
  2. Video/audio quality – 4 points
  3. Title, editing, and credits – 4 points

Record and edit the interview using any video tools you wish (for example, or YouTube’s Capture app). Post the link to the video to Slack.

The final video must include the subject’s answers to the following questions. I encourage you to seek responses to other questions, of course, but these are absolutely required. Note: please don’t ask the question exactly as phrased; just make sure these questions are clearly answered in the interview:

  • Name of the interviewee
  • Person’s history with technology
  • Person’s attitudes toward technology
  • Interesting thing(s) accomplished with technology
  • What does the person find most interesting (or frustrating)
  • How does the person learn new tools best?