Organizational Tech Use Profile

Visit, document, and understand how people at an organization use technology.

You propose the organization you want to profile, but you’ll need me to approve it.

You’ll do a site visit and document core aspects of the organizations technology:

  • internet / network connections,
  • general profile of devices in use (network, server, laptops, mobile, other?),
  • important applications, unusual applications, mobile applications,
  • data (storage, security, databases)
  • challenges with using, deploying, or adopting tech?
  • your reaction to what you learned

You’ll use Quip for this project: use it to document your visit, then write-up your findings. With the permission of your host, include relevant photos that document the organization’s technology use.

You’ll be graded on the following:

  1. Quality of your visit documentation: does it cover the required points listed above? (15 points)
  2. Clarity, conciseness and technical accuracy of your written profile of the agency’s technology (5 points)
  3. Effective use of Quip to document technology use with both text and images (5 points)